D1GT Competitor, RX8RULZ.

D1GT Driver InfoEdit

RX8RULZ is the creator of the D1GT Series which was a Australian/New Zealand GT6 Drift Comp lobby untill he entered Youtuber MrAngryBirdsHDz Competition GTPDz and became a regular competitor. He opened four pre-seasons where he came in a close second behind rival and friend lbr125. The next three pre-seasons RX8RULZ dominated and took 1st with flying colours and stopped the series to compete in the GTPDz Comp where he place usually in the quater finals and one round finishing in the semi-finals in a loss to Ballista_Bryan. He continued the series in which will be hosted as the first regular season including the first time the series being recorded and uploaded on Youtube (Recorded by D1GT Competitor and friend Triviul).

Extra NotesEdit

- RX8RULZ current D1GT car is a Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S Series 5 (BP Falken)

- Currently forming a team with the name of V-OPT_

- A regular series competitor in the GTPDz series 

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