D1GT Competitor, Triviul.

D1GT Driver InfoEdit

Triviul is a competitor for the D1GT who is currently using the Nissan 370Z and Lexus ISF CCS-R. Triviul competed in the 3rd and 4th pre-season of the series and placed in the top 10. He is currently affiliated with RX8RULZ and is the 2nd official drifter for D1GT (1st being RX8RULZ, 3rd being V-Zexal and 4th being Octane_Dragon) with his great sense of puting on a show and taking advantages of his skills to advannce through the rounds. Triviul will be recording the first official D1GT Series which will be uploaded on Youtube.

Extra NotesEdit

- Currently competing in D1GT and recording the series

- Placed top 10 in 3rd and 4th pre-season

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