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This wiki is about a Drift Tournament Series based on the D1GP/D1SL Comps but in Video Game Gran Turismo 6 (GT6).

D1GT Series InformationEdit

The D1GT Series is a Australian hosted online drift lobby in which User RX8RULZ host the lobby on PSN. The series had 4 pre-seasons in which RX8RULZ took three of them while former drifter lbr125 has claimed the first pre-season. The Series has various rules and requirements in which are:

- 6 Round series with 6th different tracks

- 2 Judges

- One Qualifying Run for each driver in the qualifiers

- Solo runs judged between 90 - 100 points

- 1000HP Maximum

- 800KG Minimum Weight of Vehicle

- SUV/Pick-Up Trucks are banned

- FR, MR & RR Only

- Lobby will host mostly 8 Driver Tournaments (4 if drivers cant attend the round & 16 driver tournament max)

- Sports Hard Tires or less to be fitted on the car

- Tsuiso Runs will have 2 runs (Sudden Death required if first two runs are decided equal)

- One backup car is allowed (Reasons provided)

- FF Drivetrain is Banned

- AWD/4WD Drivetrain is Banned

Latest activityEdit

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D1GT Competitor and 3-time pre-season Series winner RX8RULZ with his Mazda RX-7

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